Table 1.

Proteomic analysis of selected A. fumigatus mutants exposed to gliotoxin (2.5 µg ml−1) or a solvent (MeOH) control. The quantity of proteins deregulated in abundance upon gliotoxin exposure correlates with the sensitivity of these mutants to gliotoxin.

conditiontotal proteins detectedhigher abundance (+)uniquely detectedlower abundance (−)below detection limit
Wild-type GT versus MeOH25127944540
ΔgtmA GT versus MeOH250510151625
ΔgliT GT versus MeOH2472211615742
ΔgliT::ΔgtmA GT versus MeOH2449274923134
ΔgliT versus ΔgliT::ΔgtmA GT2375298189
ΔgliT versus ΔgliT::ΔgtmA MeOH248714613