TableĀ 2.

Plasmids used in this study and their deposition ID (

plasmid nameencoded proteinapplicationaddgene #
p413GPD-hTPIhuman wild-type TPI1expression in S. cerevisiae (HIS3, cen)50719
p413GPD-hTPI Ile170Valhuman TPI1 Ile170Valexpression in S. cerevisiae (HIS3, cen)50720
p413GPD-hTPI Ile170Thrhuman TPI1 Ile170Threxpression in S. cerevisiae (HIS3, cen)50721
p413GPD-hTPI Lys13Arghuman TPI1 Lys13Argexpression in S. cerevisiae (HIS3, cen)50722
pET20b-hTPIhuman wild-type TPI1expression and purification in E. coli50723
pET20b-hTPI Ile170Valhuman TPI1 Ile170Valexpression and purification in E. coli50724
pET20b-hTPI Ile170Thrhuman TPI1 Ile170Threxpression and purification in E. coli50725
pET20b-hTPI Lys13Arghuman TPI1 Lys13Argexpression and purification in E. coli50726