Table 5.

GO process annotations for 276 novel cell cycle genes. These 276 genes were not previously known to be involved in the cell cycle in fission yeast. Two hundred and thirty genes are annotated to other GO processes that have accepted links to the cell cycle in fission yeast and 29 genes had a GO process annotation not related to the cell cycle. Only 17 genes were of completely unknown function.

process in fission yeastno. genes
GO processes cell-cycle-related230
 nucleocytoplasmic transport13
 mRNA metabolic process and splicing73
 ribosome biogenesis and cytoplasmic translation37
 DNA repair, recombination, telomere maintenance14
 vesicle-mediated transport5
 modification by small molecule conjugation3
 nucleotide metabolism7
GO processes not cell-cycle-related29
 small molecule metabolic pathways13
unknown process17
 conserved to humans9