Table 1.

Homology between SsgB orthologues from Micromonospora, Salinispora and Verrucosispora species. Percentage of SsgB aa identity is presented, and in parentheses are the total number of aa and nt changes, respectively.

speciesbM. sp. ATCC 39149M. sp. L5M. aurantiacaV. marisS. arenicolaS. tropicaActinoplanes sp. SE50–110
Micromonospora sp. ATCC39149X98.6 (2/25)98.6 (2/24)98.6 (2/24)97.9 (3/36)97.9 (3/37)95.8 (4/71)
Micromonospora sp. L5X100 (0/1)a100 (0/25)a98.6 (2/39)99.3 (1/37)97.2 (4/72)
Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029TX100 (0/25)a98.6 (2/37)99.3 (1/36)97.2 (4/71)
Verrucosispora maris AB-18–032TX98.6 (2/44)99.3 (1/42)97.2 (4/75)
Salinispora arenicola CNS205TX99.3 (1/14)a95.8 (4/72)
Salinispora tropica CNB440TX96.5 (4/73)
Actinoplanes sp. SE50–110X
  • aItalicized values suggest that organisms belong to the same genus.

  • bFor input sequences and their accession numbers, see the electronic supplementary material, data file S5.