TableĀ 1.

Summary of phenotype categories. Fourteen broad phenotype categories were used for analysis, and the number and dispensability of genes in the different categories is shown. Each gene is classified by a single phenotype category based on the most penetrant or strongest deletion phenotype. Cells were only described as wild-type (WT) when no other phenotype was observed. The classifier for each gene can be found in the electronic supplementary material, table S1, column H and gene dispensability in table S1, column I. All genes are included only once and cell phenotype terms from the electronic supplementary material 1, table S4 that are not included as separate phenotypes are subsets of one of these categories, for example, a T-shaped mutant is included in the curved category as curved is the most penetrant phenotype for this type of cell shape mutant.

phenotype categories for analysistotal genesessential genesnon-essential genes
misshapen essential3023020
misshapen viable31031
misshapen weak viable1910191
long high penetrance346215131
long low penetrance13610630
long branched312011
total genes analysed484312673576